Biden condemned the rioters and looters in Kenosha

webadmin | August 24, 2020 | 0 | Science , Stories , Uncategorized

Nothing can justify looting and arson during protests, said Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden during a meeting with residents of the infamous city of Kenosha (Wisconsin). He also pointed out that such misdemeanors must be held accountable.

“Protests are protests, but nothing can justify looting, arson, and so on,” RIA Novosti reports the presidential candidate as saying. “No matter how angry you are, if you are involved in looting, arson, you must be held accountable, period.”

Also during the trip, Biden met with the family of African-American Blake, the incident that caused the riots in the city, as well as with his lawyers.Recall that two days earlier, Kenosha was visited by the current us President Donald trump, who promised to allocate funds to the city for restoration and security.

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