Trump announced a reduction in the us fatality rate from COVID-19 by 85 percent

webadmin | September 1, 2020 | 0 | Business , Stories , World

The mortality rate of coronavirus infection in the United States decreased by 85% compared to April. This was stated on Thursday by President Donald trump, speaking at a rally in Pennsylvania.
According to him, such data was achieved thanks to “our life – saving methods of treatment”, – quotes TASS. In the United States, not only the death rate, but also hospitalization due to coronavirus has radically decreased over the past week, trump added. However, according to official data, about a thousand people with COVID-19 die every day in the United States.

Earlier, the chief infectious disease specialist of the United States, Anthony Fauci, said that he doubted the appearance of a coronavirus vaccine in the country in October. At the same time, Fauci is sure that there is reason for optimism: three vaccines are currently undergoing the third phase of testing in the United States.

The United States is the world’s leader in the number of COVID-19 cases. Here, according to the Johns Hopkins University, more than 6.14 million cases of infection were recorded, and 186,754 people died.

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