SpaceX successfully tested a prototype Starship for flights to Mars

webadmin | August 25, 2020 | 0 | Business , Stories , Tech

The American company SpaceX conducted on Thursday the next flight tests of the prototype of the Starship ship intended for future flights to Mars. The launch took place at a test site in the Boca Chica area of Texas.
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The ship modification SN6 rose to a height of 45.7 meters, and then made a smooth landing on the platform next to the launch table, writes TASS, referring to the CNBC TV channel. No failures were reported.

Recall that this is the second successful test of Starship. The last test flight took place on the fifth of August, when the ship rose to 150 meters. And in may, April and February, the tests ended in explosions.The reusable Starship spacecraft is designed for flights to Mars and is designed for 100 people. The first test flight of the ship in earth orbit is planned for next year.

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